Wooden Stacking Rainbow - 12 pieces

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  • Innovative building block toys: Unlike traditional building blocks, rainbow arched building blocks provide unusual playability and possibilities. Not only can it be used alone, it can also be used with other types of toys, such as dolls, rainbow boards, track blocks, building blocks, carpet puzzles, and so on. Bring your imagination to creation, but not limited to bridges, houses, tunnels, hills, fences, beds, etc.
  • Comprehensive skill development: rainbow blocks can stimulate children's sense of challenge and develop hands-on ability, improve creativity, toughness and perseverance, and enhance fine motor skills, visual spatial skills and color. Recognize and train logical thinking accordingly. Stacking, nesting and building can stimulate reasoning ability and help children identify and establish the connection between abstract concepts or the actual relationship between images and specific things.
  • The perfect family game: when children are playing alone, this is a good toy that can improve their patience and develop independent thinking and logical reasoning skills. When children and parents focus on games, it will become an excellent interactive game that promotes the connection between them. In addition, this delightful stacking toy can be used as a unique home decoration item to add romance to the house.
  • Safety materials: Montessori toys are composed of 12 arcs of different colors and sizes, with a total size of 14 inches long x 7.08 inches wide x 2.75 inches thick, all colors are water-based, comply with EN 71, and are harmless to your family's health. The material is strong and easy to stack and ensures that even the largest rainbow blocks will not easily break. Made of pine wood, cut from one solid piece.
  • Ideal gift choice: toys are fun and can keep your child addicted for hours! It is very suitable for all occasions: parties, birthdays, holidays, Christmas and more. It can play with multiple children, thereby increasing the interaction between them. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us immediately and a full refund within 30 days. Buy with confidence and let the kids have fun!