Wooden Balancing Stones (winter)- 16pcs

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  • EDUCATIONAL GAME: This toy helps babies increase curiosity and introduces them to the first stage of problem solving based on problem solving.
  • PRACTICALITY :Each piece is selected, sanded and polished to make the surface smooth and safe enough for children and adults. This delightful stacking toy can also be used as an ornament.
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: The stone blocks have many flat cut surfaces so the stones can be stacked and can stack different shapes of stones to the highest. Unlike regular building blocks, this wooden stone balancing and stacking game is a better way to stimulate a child's sense of challenge and develop their hands-on skills, promote creativity, resilience and persistence and to strengthen fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, color recognition and thus training logical thinking.
  • PERFECT FAMILY GAME: When kids enjoy it on their own, it is a great toy to improve their patience and develop independent thinking and logical reasoning skills. When children and parents are engrossed in the game together, it becomes a great interactive game that promotes their bonding. Also, this delightful stacking toy can be used as a unique home décor item to add a touch of romance to the house.
  • MATERIAL: Stone balance building blocks are made of high quality wood and coated with eco-friendly paint. It is natural, safe, non-toxic. Hand-polishing process ensures a smooth, burr-free surface for better child play.
  • IDEAL GIFT OPTION: The toy has lots of fun to keep your kids engrossed for hours! It is perfect for all occasions: parties, birthdays, holidays, Christmas and more.